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Why Daryl Dixon is an ADV Addict

Posted on October 31 2014

So in honor of Halloween, we bring you one of our favorite shows to watch when we're not riding: The Walking Dead. After conducting a careful analysis, we present evidence that Daryl is in fact an ADV rider:

1. Saddlebags and Luggage are definitely a consideration for anyone doing Adventure Touring on a bike. It is also wise to have a secure mounting point for your crossbow. We recommend Rokstraps, or perhaps duct tape.

2. Dualsport riding over various terrain. Grass sometimes can be slippery, Riding and navigating in the dark is also a trait of many experienced ADV riders and racers; see Baja 1000.

 3. Knobbies, bitch. 

4. Motorcycle Camping. Sitting around the campfire after a hard day riding ADV is the gold standard for those who enjoy adventure motorcycle travel.

5. Riding BLMs and State Recreational Vehicle Areas. Daryl enjoys a jeep trail just as much as the next guy. Make sure your bike has a spark arrestor if your state requires it though, and watch for any undead traffic at night.

6. Riding offroad next to perfectly good highways. Here Daryl is just enjoying kicking up the dirt while he rides along this power line road. Remember, No Dirt, No Glory!

7. ADV Addiction. Yes, even Daryl feels withdrawal when he's not riding his motorcycle. Sometimes you have nothing to comfort you but memories of an epic adventure ride with good friends. And killing zombies.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween from ADV Addicts!



Pictures from zombiekillerbike.blogspot.com and copyright respective owners.

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